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Charles Gilman wrote on Sun, Aug 22, 2004 08:12 AM UTC:
Having considered all the comments all these variants, regarding both the
names and how the pieces fit in with board size, I am now planning to
revise the names of the present versions and add two new larger ones.
However the latter will use the Knight and Camel (both promotable to Gnu)
alongside their forward-only versions, and my one concern is that David
Howe's generally-commendable graphics might get confusing.
	Possibly more suited to a mixture of several types of symmetric and
forward-only piece are the graphics used on the Tamerlane Chess page, with
the small images representing forward-only versions of those represented by
the corresponding large ones, assuming that large and small Bishop images
are avaliable. If there are no images for Shogi generals, large Wazir and
Ferz ones will do, particularly as this will use every image but King in
large and small form.
	As for the names, I am currently considering using the number of cells:
Mitregi-90 for the basic game, Mitregi-108 for Humpmitregi, Mitregi-120
for a variant adding Knights on 10 files by 12 ranks, and Mitregi-144 for
one adding Knights and Camels on 12².
	It will be a while before I submit the update as I am still waiting to
find out about the backlog in my recent submissions. So if anyone wishes
to reply to my idea, or indeed knows anything about the backlog, please
leave your comments.

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