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The Chess Variant Pages

Teleport Chess


This is a chess variant that I found in a library book at some point. (Most unfortunately, I can remember neither the title nor the author of the book). It's differences are very simple and easy to remember, and it's actually pretty fun. My little brother and I have enjoyed several games of this and of Missile Chess.


As regular chess, but place a checker beneath every piece (but not under pawns or the king).


As regular chess, but each piece with a checker may teleport once. Instead of performing a regular move, you may remove the checker from underneath a piece and relocate that piece to any unoccupied square on the board. Once a piece has teleported, it cannot teleport again.

Tactical Tips

Resist the urge to teleport unnecessarily. Teleportation is a limited resource, and should be used ONLY when it advances your tactical position. Also, watch your king. If your opponent is anything like me, he'll be playing out in the middle of the board until your king happens to be in a position where a teleported rook or queen will checkmate him and take advantage of it. You can, of course, teleport pieces in the way, but your opponent will have gained several of your pieces before you can kill his offending piece.

Written by Jeremy Harper.
WWW page created: July 17, 2002.