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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Este.


aka Strong Pawn Chess

This is a game of Chess that uses stronger pawns, without En passant or Castling.

The King, Queen, Bishops, Knights, and Rooks, these all move and capture as in the standard game.

The objective of the game remains the same; that is to "checkmate" the opponents King.

The pawns imitate the piece they start the game in front of, but with restricted movement.

Tower: Rook pawns move and capture one square along the rank or file, forward, backward, or sideways. Towers promote to Rooks.

Cleric: Bishop pawns move and capture one square diagonally forwards or backwards. Clerics promote to Bishops.

Princess: The two Queen pawns (one is the King’s pawn) move and capture one square in any direction. They are promoted to a Queen on reaching the opponents first rank.

Squire: Knight pawns move and capture by leaping one square forward, then diagonally forwards. Squires promote to a Knights.

The pawns in most existing chess sets can be simply modified to identify the various moves.

A symbol or initial is inscribed upon them; this should be visible to both players.

Written by Este. Web page posted by David Howe. Diagrams by Hans Bodlaender.
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