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This page is written by the game's inventor, Saleh Waziruddin.

Combined Arms Brigade Chess

By Saleh Waziruddin



The overall goal is to use the pieces in concert with each other for any given attack (like setting traps in standard Chess).


Standard Chess setup.


Pawns: "infantry"; kill by occupying the square; can move 1 square in any direction (including backwards); can be promoted to any other piece other than King. Pawns can move 2 squares ahead from the 2nd rank even if they've already moved (i.e. if they move back to the 2nd rank they can move 2 squares ahead; this is an 'infantry road' where they can use vehicles).

Knights: "armor"; kill by either occupying the square or passing through it - can kill more than 1 piece at a time this way; move three orthogonal squares with an orthogonal (up/down/left/right) turn optional at every square. You have to select the 3 squares you will move through - this is like a regular knight turn except you can have 2 kinks instead of just 1. You can move back and forth over the same square to use up your 3 moves).

Bishops: "light artillery"; kill without moving (like Rifle Chess) a piece within 2 squares in any direction of the bishop - the shot can go over a piece to hit another piece. Moves like a regular bishop (can't jump over pieces on move); can move to a position and then kill in the same turn (and likewise can kill and then move away in the same turn).

Rook: "heavy artillery"; kill without moving (like Rifle Chess) a piece either 3 or 4 squares in any direction of the Rook - the shot can go over a piece to hit another piece. Moves like a regular Rook (can't jump over pieces on move); cannot move and fire at the same time (one turn to get into position, one turn to fire).

Queen: "aviation"; can move into any unoccupied square and then can either (a) move *or* kill like a pawn; (b) move *and* kill like armor; (c) move *or* kill like a bishop. The Queen cannot pass through or end up within enemy artillery's range - Bishops and Rooks but not Queens; it would be automatically killed if it moved there.

King: "headquarters"; can move like a standard King; can only kill by occupying square; cannot be killed except by occupying the square it's on; cannot move into check.


To win: must actually kill the King by occupying the square, not just checkmate or passing armor through.

Can castle as in standard Chess but at any time (even if King Rook moved in the past). The Rook's move is taken as a move to a new position and so Rook cannot fire on castling.

Pawns promote at opposite end of board as in standard Chess.

Checking an opponent forces the opponent to get out of check, as in standard Chess.

Only one move at a time as in standard Chess.

Playing Tips

Note that the only way to overcome the Rook's power is with armor (skips through the Rook's range) or with light artillery (moves through the Rook's range and then fires), or by a Queen that lands outside the range and then kills via armor.


Standard Chess equipment.