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This page is written by the game's inventor, Modest Solans.

Battler Chess

Modest Solans came up with this chess variant, where several pieces have a modified way of moving. The variant combines several fantasy pieces into one game. Modest calls the `orthodox chess' `classic chess'.


Pieces have the following modified moves:

King: King the Battler.
Queen: Current Classic Queen.
Bishops: Ejnar Kristensens Bishops (Arbejder Shak - Copenhagen, 1948).
Knigths: Light Cavalry.
Rooks: Current Classic Rooks.
Pawns: Improved-augmented-developed Pawns (as in Classic Chess and moreover they can to move freely to the two adjacent-forward-diagonal squares which at present they can only occupy by taking a piece).

One can distinguish two variants: either one allows castling as in current Classic Chess, or no castling is allowed.

For the moves of the pieces, see the part of the Modest Solans description of Heraldic Chess, describing these fantasy chess pieces.

Written by: Modest Solans, Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: September 13, 1996.