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Cavalier Chess Photographs

Here are some photos of a setup for Fergus Duniho's game Cavalier Chess made from Fergus Duniho's Chess Construction Set. There are two sets of photographs. They use the same pieces but different boards. The Cavaliers are Knights from four medium sized Chess sets. The Knight King, Queen, Marshalls, Paladins, and Nightriders are the King, Queen, Rooks, Bishops, and Knights from a larger Chess set.

Click on the thumb nail images for larger images.

Set 1

These photos were taken in a poorly lit cafe at night, so they're a bit dark. The board is made from 2" posterboard squares. They are laid out as tiles and covered with plastic sheets. They are not taped together. Dice and half tiles are used to mark the ranks and files.

Set 2

These photos were taken in much better lighting. The board is made from 15 3"x5" orange index cards. These index cards are arranged into a 15"x15" square and taped together with strapping tape. The tape is on the bottom of the board, and the Cavalier Chess board is drawn on the other side. I colored the dark squares with a black marker and half of the light squares with a red marker. The light squares alternate between red and orange. The board folds up and is easily portable. During actual play, it helps to cover the board with clear plastic sheets, but we left it off for the photographs.

Here are two more shots of the board without the pieces. The first shot shows the bottom of the board, where it is taped together with strapping tape.

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Written by Fergus Duniho. Photographs by David Howe and one by Fergus Duniho.
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