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This page is written by the game's inventor, Larry Smith.

Borg Queen

A Variant of ST3D Chess by L. Lynn Smith

This game is a variant on Three dimensional chess as played on Startrek.

The game consist of the ST3D playing field with four Attack Platforms located at Na1d, Nd1d, Na4u and Nd4u. The Platforms are not moved during game-play.

Each player begins with a standard set of Chessmen, eight Pawns, two Rooks, two Bishops, two Knights, one King and one Queen. There is an additional set off the field, used to trade out captives.

White's Pawns begin on the Attack Platforms at Na1d and Nd1d, Black's Pawns begin on the Attack Platforms at Na4u and Nd4u.

White arranges the remaining pieces on the White Fixed Level thus:

And Black arranges on the Black Fixed Level thus:

Pieces move accordingly:

All pieces may only change Fixed Levels by way of the Attack Platforms. Knights must either pass through or from an Attack Platform to change Fixed Levels. Pawns do not promote.

All captured pieces become the property of the capturer, and may be introduced as a move on a subsequent turn to any vacant cell on an empty or friend-occupied Attack Platform. These are often referred to as "Borg Cubes". Trade out captives with the extra set so that they are the appropriate color. This is called "Assimilation".

The game is won by checkmating the opponent Queen, of course.


Written by L. Lynn Smith.
Webpage created: October 30, 2003. Last modified: November 12, 2003.