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This page is written by the game's inventor, Larry Smith.

Neutral Zone

A Variant of ST3D Chess by L. Lynn Smith

This game is a variant on Three dimensional chess as played on Startrek.

This a variant set of rules for the ST3D playing field in which empty Attack Platforms are place on the Wa4u, Wd4u, Ba1d and Bd1d points and are not moved throughout the game.

The pieces consist of a standard set of chessmen. PAWNs step diagonal or triagonal.
KNIGHTs leap one orthogonal then either one forward diagonal or one forward triagonal.
BISHOPs slide diagonal.
ROOKs slide orthogonal.
QUEEN slides orthogonal, diagonal or triagonal.
KING steps orthogonal, diagonal or triagonal.

White's initial set-up on the White Level.

 4 [P][P][P][P]
 3 [P][P][P][P]
 2 [N][B][B][N]
 1 [R][Q][K][R]
    a  b  c  d

Black's initial set-up on the Black Level.

 4 [R][Q][K][R]
 3 [N][B][B][N]
 2 [P][P][P][P]
 1 [P][P][P][P]
    a  b  c  d
The Fixed Levels of Black, Neutral and White are considered two cells apart. All pieces, except for the Knight must use the Attack Platforms to change levels. The Knights may preform its leap pattern to the next fixed level. So, the Knight on Ba3 can leap to Na4 or Nb4. The Knight on Wd2 can leap to Nc1 or Nd1.

Pawns can both move and capture in any diagonal or triagonal. They may promote to previously captured pieces when landing on a cell of the opponent's starting fixed level. Promotion is optional.

The game is won by check-mating the opponent King.

Written by L. Lynn Smith.
Webpage created: October 30, 2003. Last modified: November 17, 2003.