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This page is written by the game's inventor, Namik Zade.

Super Maharadscha

In this very old game the following condition is always satisfied - "A carefully playing black player should be able to win" Hans L. Bodlaender. Thus game to become not interesting. With the purpose of strengthening of the game for white, it is offered to strengthen power of the Maharadscha.


The Black has the Orthodox of chess pieces. The White has the Maharadscha.


Maharadscha has moves like M = Queen + Knight + Camel (jumps one diagonally and two straight). All pieces of the Black are wellknown Orthodox Chess pieces.


The game follows the standard Classical Chess rules but pawns can not be promoted. White drops the Maharadscha on a square only in the White side of a board (a1-a4 and a1-h1). Than Black and White move alternately. Object of the game for both players is to checkmate the opponent. Example:

1.Md3 (threatening Md5 or Mf5 checkmat) e6

2. Mb5 - a6; 3. M : a8? - Nc6! Tsugtsvang and Black wins.


I don`t think so it is something new. But may be with new powerful Maharadscha game will be little more interesting.

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By Namik Zade.
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