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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Gary Gifford.

Juxtaposition Chess

Juxtaposition Chess is played on an 8x8 board.  It includes a very mild version of the switching theme of Swap Chess (invented by Joao Pedro Neto in 1998) and Switching Chess (invented by Tony Quintanilla in 2004).  But in Juxtaposition Chess a Pawn can only change places with a friendly Stone; and a Piece (including the King) can only change places with a friendly Flag.  Unlike Swap and Switching Chess, in this game Pawns and Pieces never swap places with other Pawns and/or Pieces, and Flags and Stones can not swap with each other. Stones and Flags can be captured... and that is one way of winning the game (see "b" below).

Win by either:
(a) checkmating the enemy King, or
(b) baring the opponent of all his Flags and Stones 
(typically this is only 1 Flag and 1 Stone; However, the opponent may have more than 1 of each due to pawn promotions)

You cannot swap while in check.


Setup is very similar to chess.  Pawns on "a2" and "a7" are initially replaced with Stones of that side's color.  The Rooks (on h1 and h8)are replaced by a Flag of that side's color.

The setup can be seen at this link (you can cut-and-paste the link into the search bar).


As in chess, less 1 pawn and roook per side.  The missing items are replaced with a Stone and a Flag respectively.

Chess Pieces, King, and Pawns: move as in chess. Pawns can promote as in chess.  They can also promote to a Flag or a Stone.  Since you will loose the game when you run out of Flags and Stones, you may find it necessary to promote to a Flag or Stone in some circumstances.

Pawn en passant applies.

Queenside castling (O-O-O) is possible as in Fide Chess. 
There is no Kingside castling allowed.  Of course, King/Flag swaps are allowed.

Stones: Cannot move unless part of a swap move.  They can be captured, but cannot make captures. During a stone-swap-move the Stone and a friendly Pawn switch places.

Flags: Cannot move unless part of a swap move. They can be captured, but cannot make a capture. During a flag-swap-move the Flag and a friendly Piece or King switch places.


White moves first.

On a move a player can either:

Move a Pawn, Piece, or King


Swap a Pawn with the Stone


Swap the King or Piece with the Flag


You cannot swap while in check.

Remember: Pawns only swap with Stones.
Pieces and Kings, only swap with Flags.

A King is allowed to move into check ONLY IF in doing so he is capturing his opponents's last Stone/Flag piece.  In doing so, he wins the game by barring the other King.


Other notes to be added as needed.

Created 10/28/2006 by Gary K. Gifford

Revision Note:  This is a major rework of my original Juxtaposition Chess, which had 3 non-capturable Stones and Flags per side, and very different rules.  The first game prooved to be much too difficult for either side to achieve an advantage an has been supereseded by this version.

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By Gary K. Gifford.
Web page created: 2006-10-28. Web page last updated: 2006-10-28