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This page is written by the game's inventor, Jeremy Good.

Fabulous Flying Kittens



Board is toroidally interwoven in several ways.

Row 4 is joined to Row 8. Row 5 is joined to Row 1. Row 1 is joined to Row 8. Column a is joined to column h. a1 is joined to h8. h1 is joined to a8. h5 is tied to a1. As opposite corners, a5 is diagonally tied to h1 and h4 is diagonally tied to a8. a4 is tied to h8. No piece can cross row * (the middle). White pawns promote at row 5. Black pawns promote at row 4. Other rules (e.p., castling) are the same as in Fabulous FIDE Chess, except that a King has four extra possible ways of castling because of the cylindrical nature of the board.

Null moves are acceptable.

Pieces can travel through multiple "warp lines" in a single move.

Here is an example. In this diagram, black's bishop threatens white's queen along the path marked by x's:

At the same time, the black bishop happens to be threatening two pawns by other routes, the white king pawn on e2 and the white king rook pawn on h3.

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By Jeremy Gabriel Good.
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