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This page is written by the game's inventor, Namik Zade.

The Clash of Civilizations Chess (Shuffle Version)

It is a shuffle version of The Clash of Civilizations Chess. The overall aim of changes are:

I - The reception of interesting and various Chess positions and opportunity to test results of collisions of various concepts of a Chess game. II - The comparative estimation strong and weaknesses of different Chess armies. III - The comparative analysis of various strategy, tactical impacts and stratagems.

Demanded conditions were:

1. Almost identical Chess rules and geometry of a Chess board. 2. Approximate equality of a pieces density and a pieces influence.


Board 10x10

The Clash of Civilazations` version: Azchess, Symchess, Shako, Franclin Chess, Deciomega, Zhou Xia, Eurasian Chess, Shogi Super Chess, Cobra and so on.

Total of variants equally: n!/2!(n - 2)! Where n is total equality of the chosen various Chess versions.


The moves of pieces of all Chess armies may be find from


The game follows the standard Classical Chess rules.


Examples: The Clash of Civilizations Chess

Figure 1, Symchess vs Azchess

Figure 2, Symchess vs Shako

Figure 3, Deciomega vs Azchess

Figure 4, Franclin Chess vs Shako

Figure 5, Cobra vs Azchess

and so on.

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By Namik Zade.
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