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Coffee Chinese Chess

Written by Pham Hong Nguyen, Coffee Chinese Chess is a customizable freeware Java applet for playing Chinese Chess. It is also good for displaying games and practicing with an openingbook. At his own website for this applet, he gives permission for others to include it on their own websites. Since the graphics can be customized, I have customized it for use with various graphics I have designed for Chinese Chess. Below the applet, you can select different piece sets. Some will automatically use different boards than the one shown below. This applet will let you play against a computer program. If you would like to play against other people by correspondence, using the same graphics available here, you can use Game Courier, which will let you play Chinese Chess and many more Chess variants online.

The links below will change the graphics. Be warned that they will also reset the game. So don't use them during an ongoing game you want to continue.

Change Piece SetChange BoardChange Both
National Standard ChineseChinese ArtBoth
Traditional Chinese, Large, Some SameBoth
Traditional Chinese, Large, All DifferentBoth
Traditional Chinese, Some SameBoth
Traditional Chinese, All DifferentBoth
Scanned Chinese PiecesBlue & GreenBoth
Westernized IconographicLake & GrassBoth
Abstract Marble - EurasianEurasianBoth
Abstract Marble - Blue/RedBoth
Chess Pieces - AlfaerieCambalucBoth

You may customize this applet as much as you want by entering parameters in the URL Query String. All the Coffee Chinese Chess parameters are described on Pham Hong Nguyen's own website.

Note that this page changes some of the defaults of Coffee Chinese Chess. That is, when some parameters are not defined in the URL Query String, values of my own choice are used instead of the default values. For the sake of reference, here are the values that are different than the usual defaults:


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