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Internationalized Chinese Chess set

Here are photographs John Davis has provided of an internationalized Chinese Chess set he recently purchased. I have reduced the image size for this page, but I have linked each smaller image to the original larger image. According to his report, it uses hollow, plastic Staunton pieces with a four-inch King. The King's base measures 1 78 inches, which I assume is the diameter. Its Cannons are 2 12 inches tall with a base of 1 58 inches. The board measures 24 by 20 12 inches, each Xiangqi square measures 2 18 inches on each side, and each FIDE Chess square measures 2 38 inches on each side.

You can order it from either Amazon or ebay:

If you are not American, and you would prefer to search your local ebay, you can use the ebay link in the Shop menu. A search for "Elephant Chinese Chess" should turn it up.

This last photo shows the Cannon with the House of Staunton Cannon showcased here. If you get both, you can use the straight one as a Cannon and the slanted one as a Vao in games that use both, such as Eurasian Chess.