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4*Chess (four dimensional chess)

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Four dimensional chess played with 96 pieces.

Here's a link to play on Game Courier: 4*Chess (four dimensional chess)



In 4*Chess, some 3 and 4 dimensional moving pieces are introduced, and all the pieces may possibly move between the mini-boards when performing a move (note that 'coordinate' in these instructions refers to the rank or file of a square on a mini-board, or refers to the row or column number of a mini-board):

D=4*Chess Balloon (I'd nickname it Dirigible) - moves like a bishop except it changes all 4 coordinates as it moves & stays on same square colour (standard 4D fairy chess piece);

U=4*Chess Unicorn - moves like a bishop except it changes 3 coordinates as it moves (standard 3D fairy chess piece);

B=4*Chess Bishop - changes 2 coordinates as it moves, like a bishop (does not change square colour even if moving to another mini-board);

R=4*Chess Rook - changes 1 coordinate as it moves, like a rook;

Q=4*Chess Queen - moves like a 4*Chess Bishop or 4*Chess Rook, or a 4*Chess Unicorn, or a 4*Chess Balloon;

K=4*Chess King - moves like a 4*Chess Queen, only one square/mini-board at a time (no castling);

N=4*Chess Knight (nicknamed Horse) - changes 1 coordinate by 1 square and 1 coordinate by 2 squares, like a knight;

P=4*Chess Pawn - moves like a 4*Chess Rook (unless capturing) except only moves forward one square at a time on a rank, or forward by one column or one row to another mini-board (but moves to same rank & file there). If it is making a capture it moves like a 4*Chess Bishop, except only moves by one square, or by one mini-board that's adjacent diagonally or by one row or by one column, and never retreats by rank or mini-board (i.e. by row or column). 4*Chess Pawn promotions occur on the last rank of the corner mini-board where the enemy 4*Chess King starts the game, and a 4*Chess Pawn may promote to any 4*Chess piece type (other than 4*Chess King). There is no double step or en passant, and it is possible for a 4*Chess Pawn to early on avoid being captured by an enemy 4*Chess Pawn simply by moving to the last rank of a mini-board (except for the appropriate promotion mini-board).


Stalemate is a draw, as in standard chess. 3-fold repetition and 50 move rule also are draws.


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