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NOST: kNights Of the Square Table. kNights Of the Square Table.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
🕸📝Fergus Duniho wrote on 2021-07-28 UTC

Are there any former NOST members around with back issues of NOSTalgia that could be scanned and put on the internet? The NOST website had only a few of the latest issues. Pritchard sometimes used it as a source for his Encyclopedia of Chess Variants, but his descriptions of games are often sketchy rather than complete.

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2013-08-31 UTC
It seems also that the webmaster of the pages has kept a copy:

Sam Trenholme wrote on 2013-08-31 UTC
Here is the final archived version of the web page.

Final Update 06/14/03

The NOST no longer exists!!!!

It came as a surprise to me, but then when you're close to the source you tend to overlook the tell-tale signs. As of now the NOST has been 'folded' into the Fred Miller Chess Group. All membership information has been forwarded to the FMCG. They are now in the process of sorting things out and figuring out the financial situation.

For a couple of years things have been going downhill for the NOST. Most notably the magazine, NOSTalgia had been deteriorating, going from monthly to quarterly, finally ending up as someone's printer output hand-stapled. The lack of new members was a serious drawback. The rapid change of officers (volunteers) also signaled a decline.

This webpage will remain up for a while, but I won't do any updates. It looks like didymus7 will be moving over to doing a brand new FMCG website, which will mean a new URL. It will be interesting, but I've still got 7 years on this domain ....:-(.

Whatever. I'm still at the same email: [email protected] and will remain there until hotmail ceases to exist.

A special thanks to all who contributed and to Nancy Ludwig Pease for putting up with my comments...;-) [I wonder if she knows her picture is in the 1975 Cauldron????]

From the cave....didymus7

I always wanted to join NOST back when I read New Rules for Classic Games but never had the opportunity to do so...and now never will.

Patrick Chu wrote on 2006-09-19 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
I would also be willing to host the NOST web site for free. Feel free to
email me at [email protected].

--Patrick Chu
[email protected]

Edwin Wilhelm wrote on 2006-04-14 UTC

If someone from 'Nost' could email attach me all of their old webpages, I could resurrect it for FREE , and keep it active online for a year or two maybe. Then teach some new people how to keep the site up. email me at [email protected]  thx Ed

Anonymous wrote on 2005-12-11 UTCExcellent ★★★★★

vinny wrote on 2005-11-17 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
The people made NOST. While attending college in 1982, I became interested in improving my game and playing postal chess. The members were mainly middle aged to seniors. Each year, we held a convention in a different location to meet up with friends in person. The founder, Robert Lauzon, was a gentleman and even though he was quite old and prone to nod off occasionally, I remember his love of experiencing the solitude and peacefulness of a glider. I attended three conventions. Philadlphia in 1983. Framingham, MA in 1985 along with Hurricane Gloria. And my favorite was Orlando, FL in 1986. The attendees were the most amiable people I have ever been lucky enough to call my friends.

Matthew Montchalin wrote on 2005-08-02 UTC
I think it was around 1991 (??) that NOST held a straw poll, and came down hard on English Descriptive Notation, in favor of Algebraic. This action disappointed me because it seemed they wanted to say it was okay if a couple people decided - between themselves - to employ Descriptive, but the default notation, at least in their NOSTalgia newsletter, was going to be algebraic. After all these years, I don't know if my memory is serving me rightly. I don't know what came of their 'Algebraic First' policy, or where they went with it, because that was close to the time I dropped out of it. It's just that there were some people who simply preferred English Descriptive Notation because that's the way they'd learned to read (and write) their moves. Of course, for the many, many boardgames that NOST described in its newsletter, and therefore appeared to promote, Descriptive simply had no place, but still, deep down inside, the diminishing frequency of games in English Descriptive Notation might be one of the reasons NOST lost a number of members.

John Ayer wrote on 2005-07-31 UTC
I would love to see a file of NOST-algia made available somewhere. I hope there is such a thing.

Matthew Montchalin wrote on 2005-07-30 UTC
Hi, Michael, I remember you. Most of the players at NOST (and especially Paul Yearout) played far better than I did. Do you know if the NOST games archives ended up accessible somehow by Internet? From reviewing the games played, a person could learn quite a bit.

Chris White wrote on 2004-11-25 UTC
I'd also be interested in any information about NOST.  Is there a contact
person?  Does it still exist?  My grandfather (Robert Lauzon) was the
original founder and I'd be interested in helping NOST get back on-line.

I remember my grandfather spending hours and hours in his basement office
working on the NOST newsletter and responding to the many chess games he
had going.

- Chris White
[email protected]

Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2004-11-11 UTC
The following e-mail was received by the editors:

Do you have any information on NOST and how to join or who to contact (it
seems their web site is no longer active). 

Any information you have would be appreciated.


Bob Salvas

Cumberland RI 


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