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NOST: kNights Of the Square Table. kNights Of the Square Table.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Sam Trenholme wrote on 2013-08-31 UTC
Here is the final archived version of the web page.

Final Update 06/14/03

The NOST no longer exists!!!!

It came as a surprise to me, but then when you're close to the source you tend to overlook the tell-tale signs. As of now the NOST has been 'folded' into the Fred Miller Chess Group. All membership information has been forwarded to the FMCG. They are now in the process of sorting things out and figuring out the financial situation.

For a couple of years things have been going downhill for the NOST. Most notably the magazine, NOSTalgia had been deteriorating, going from monthly to quarterly, finally ending up as someone's printer output hand-stapled. The lack of new members was a serious drawback. The rapid change of officers (volunteers) also signaled a decline.

This webpage will remain up for a while, but I won't do any updates. It looks like didymus7 will be moving over to doing a brand new FMCG website, which will mean a new URL. It will be interesting, but I've still got 7 years on this domain ....:-(.

Whatever. I'm still at the same email: [email protected] and will remain there until hotmail ceases to exist.

A special thanks to all who contributed and to Nancy Ludwig Pease for putting up with my comments...;-) [I wonder if she knows her picture is in the 1975 Cauldron????]

From the cave....didymus7

I always wanted to join NOST back when I read New Rules for Classic Games but never had the opportunity to do so...and now never will.