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@ Gerd Degens[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Gerd Degens wrote on Mon, Feb 26 08:24 PM UTC in reply to H. G. Muller from 05:27 PM:

Apparently I was able to get the PTA running. The upgrade of the pawns does not seem to work with the GAME code. I had to make some adjustments here, i.e. I added the missing IDs for the pawn to the 'set morphers' (P p ...........). For 'set morphs assoc' I added the missing P (0 0 0 0 (P P A C Z C A P P)) and p (0 0 0 0 (p p a c z c a p p)).

Furthermore, when converting the HTML code into the GAME code, the upgrading or downgrading of the king does not work, which works with the PTA. The royal figure is not accessed, but the non-royal figure appears with the result of 'White lost by absence of royalty!

Click here for the PTA and here for the preset.

Sorry if I'm making work, but maybe it's not just me.