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@ Gerd Degens[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on Mon, Feb 26 02:05 PM UTC in reply to Gerd Degens from 01:14 PM:

Well, the way you implemented it in the Diagram would morph the King to a non-royal piece, which it would consider a loss. To make it work as you described, you should define a royal and a non-royal version of each piece type, and let the King morph to the royal types.

I see that the regular PTA is not able to convert the morph parameters to GAME code. (I suppose originally this made sense, as there is also no way to specify morphs when you set up the variant.) You tried to use promotion to get the same effect, but the GAME code cannot specify promotion choice per square, just per entire rank. What you did would allow all pieces to choose to what they promote to, on each square of 5th rank (including promotion to enemy pieces!).

Fortunately the newer version of the PTA is nearly finished, and it can translate the morphs to GAME code.