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Grand Cavalier Chess. The decimal version of Cavalier Chess. (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Greg Strong wrote on Sat, Jan 7, 2023 04:18 PM UTC:

I ran the test again with the value of the Cannon set to 500/400 (midgame/endgame), Nightrider still set to 500.  This time the Nightriders won 41, the Cannons won 8, and there were 51 draws.  So this increased the cannon's win percentage slightly and the number of draws dramatically but not the overall outcome.  Given this, I think we can safely conclude that the Nightrider is worth than the Cannon, meaning the results of my first test were more accurate.  That test had a 76% win percentage for the Nightrider, which is very close to H.G.'s result of 78.6%.

As an aside, here are the Betza mobility scores of the pieces:
Equus Rex 12.60
Queen 15.91
Marshall (RN) 14.77
Paladin (BN) 12.65
Nightrider 9.87
Rook* 9.01

* The cannon will be somewhat less than this, but I cannot calculate it.  I also cannot calculate the Cavalier presently.