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Kevin Pacey wrote on Sat, Jul 18, 2020 04:36 AM UTC:

One thing I'm not sure of is why the FIDE organization (for chess) is apparently (still) not given as a link on the FIDE Chess page (CVP website page, that is).

The best justification for the omission I'd think would be that most people learn to play organized chess through their national chess federation first, and somewhere along the way they may get a FIDE rating. Therefore, why give any link for a chess organization, the logic may continue (unlike for Shogi, which is regional to Japan mainly).

Some years ago though, FIDE began to keep ratings for people rated as low as 1000 FIDE. That's about the level of a bright beginner, if it's about the same as for 1000 rating strength of a typical national chess federation beginner player like in Canada, for example. Thus FIDE is no longer about just keeping records for highly rated chess players.