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Vox Populi Chess variant. A crowd plays itself at a game with only one winner.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Rich Hutnik wrote on 2011-05-16 UTC
As has been noted, this format has gone through revisions.  In the most recent form, which is for Connect Four (Captain's Mistress), it goes under the name 'Massive Multiplayer ________' and you stick the name of the abstract strategy game in there.

Some other tweaks also have been done:
* In play, there isn't scoring, just trying to be on the winning side.
* When it is your team's turn to vote on a move, you vote.
* When it isn't your team's turn, you can choose to defect to the other team. There is an options to limit the number of times you can defect, with the current preferred number of defections to be one.
* If all players defect from one team, they all lose, and the game is over.
* Run digitally, it would be idea to keep players anonymous, so no one knows who is whose team, or even the number of players on their team.

As an added note, this format could be used in scientific research to study loyalty and defection patterns among team members, and you add or remove elements from the environment to see how it impacts the loyalty of players in the game.