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Chess (Variant) Graphics by Jean Louis Cazaux. Icons of chess variant pieces.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
📝Jean-Louis Cazaux wrote on Mon, Jul 3, 2006 09:05 PM UTC:
Dear all friends
I'm really happy that my mere icons draw so many comments. You are very
Let me say that I also agree with the critics from James. 
I'm not satisfied myself with all the icons and for my own use, I've
been re-drawing many of them. I plan to use them in a project I've
on-going, but one day I'll release them publically.
Also, you might now that I have acclaimed David Howe's Alfaerie design
(look my message on 2005-03-29) as nicer than mine.
An important parameter to take into account is the final size of the icon.
Mine are 32x32 where David's are 50x50. A larger size opens much more
possibility such as softening or more details. 
However, I can not come back easily on my 32x32 because all my zillions
are made accordingly as well as many graphics I use for my writtings. I
find more reasonable now to stick with that, even though it is less
practical. So, when you judge a set you have to think to this very
important, fundamental, constraint.
Saying this, I've just looked at James' designs. Very nice indeed, I
understand better what he meant. Beautifully realistic, it is like cartoon
artwork. I love them, but it is not the kind of pieces I wanted for my
books: I wanted something very sober and very simple. Alfaerie is more in
the category I am looking for.