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Comments by Wyatt Van Dyke

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@ Wyatt Van Dyke[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2023-09-02 UTC

So a while back I picked a fight with someone here, I think.

Sorry about that, I was young and dumb and looking for fights. I don't know if I'll do anything here other than lurk, but I still thought it was worth apologizing.

CV Tournaments & Events[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-10-28 UTC

Jeffery T. Kubach said this in another subject that started to go off-topic:

"I do think they should have a "decathlon" tournament with rapid and blitz chess, then 8 of the most popular/worthwhile variants.  A round robin would be cool, but it'd take a while to cover all the variants."

It got me thinking: what if we had a CV tournament/event/whatever dedicated to promoting lesser-known Chess variants? Obviously, we'd need to include variants like Bughouse to reel in people who only know about the more popular ones. I think a lot of people who enjoy Chess would love to know more about Chess variants and play the more obscure ones.

What do you guys think?

Chess Conspiracies[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-10-28 UTC

Jeffery, I think you're on to something really, really cool which could potentially inject some life into the CV community. However, I think we're going off-topic, so I'm going to create a new subject.

Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-10-26 UTC

I didn't really give a timeframe, but I was thinking centuries plural rather than century singular.

Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-10-26 UTC
I just find the monolithic dedication to one version of a game kind of boring and the smorgasbord of new variations and ideas on here more fun. I'm glad to know FIDE's simmered down, though. All the more reason to not take people like that one guy who writes for seriously. The idea that inventing games is "excluded from human progress" is too cynical and toxic to belong in any mindsports community. When you take into account that video games, board games, and wargames are updated all the time, that notion becomes even more ridiculous. I'm not saying Chess should be updated or anything like that. There have been many people who've tried to update chess, and aside from maybe Chess960, none of their attempts have caught on... yet.

Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-10-22 UTC

I've read a few things, particularly from George Duke, about FIDE suppressing chess variants or something. Is there any truth to this?

Wikipedia entry re: CVP[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-08-08 UTC

I didn't know Game Courier was still being updated. My mistake. Though I am sort of tempted to blame it on it's obscurity relative to Tabletop Simulator...

I already know you're not a fan of TTS. I'm just wondering if anybody else on this site is a fan of TTS and is willing to make CVs or TTS versions of existing CVs in it.

Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-08-08 UTC

I forgot to add this since I have no idea how to edit my own posts, but since Tabletop Simulator is less "rusty", so to speak, than Game Courier and more popular, it might be a better gateway to the CV community. YouTube videos of people playing video games while engaging in humorous banter is all the rage right now, so that just might be the ticket to making us more popular.

Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-08-08 UTC

Tabletop Simulator is fine too. It's less of a strict game simulator and more of a physics sandbox designed to simulate tabletop games. It wasn't made to enforce rules and only real-time play is possible, so it's a little closer to OTB than correspondence play. Unless you're using scripting, programming isn't required to make new games, though you might need to make models for objects that you can't find. There are guides availible for easily creating games in Tabletop Simulator, but as of right now, I'm too lazy to find them. There's already a few CVs on Steam Workshop, including Portal Chess, an original variant.

Chess Pieces[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-08-01 UTC

That one suffered from both ineffective execution (making pieces intended for only one variant, and not the idea you were thinking of) and ineffective marketing (allcaps tends to make you sound like a crazy person). I'm sure it might have succeeded if the creator improved their writing (or maybe just hired a marketing guy) and thought of more than just promoting their own variant.

Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-08-01 UTC

Assuming the CV community isn't as horribly niche as I think it is, a manufacturer of just fairy chess pieces sounds like prime Kickstarter fuel.

Negative Seconds[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-07-21 UTC

There's a comment that was submitted negative seconds ago. Since we know time travelers don't exist, what caused this bug?

Pass variants. 4-player Xiang, Anglis, &c. Qi on a 10x10 board with intersecting Rivers. (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-06-24 UTC

I couldn't find a word for "pass between hills," but "mountain pass" is ÀikÇ’u (隘口). Xiang Aikou has a nice ring to it.

Supremo[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-06-24 UTC

What happened to Supremo? I've read a few things a few years back about how it was in development, and I'm worried it might be the Half-Life 3 of chess variants.

Shogi. Missing description (9x9, Cells: 81) (Recognized!)[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-06-22 UTC

It's appeared in Naruto, too. I don't know too much about it's involvement beyond Shikamaru Nara being really good at it.

Tabletop Simulator[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-06-13 UTC

Thanks for the thorough response, Dr. Duniho. For the record, I already knew about Game Courier and its features, and I think it's cool too.

I understand if you don't get Tabletop Simulator's unconventional approach to simulating tabletop games. It's less of a game simulator and more of a game set simulator. In chess and its variants, for example, if you're playing with a physical set, captured pieces are set to the side, and everybody is fine with that. The same goes here. Like in most game sets, the rules are left to the players instead of the code. Because of this, modest variants and house rules aren't as difficult to implement as in most software for traditional games. The one disadvantage of Tabletop Simulator in my eyes is that only live play is possible and correspondence play is out of the question. Still, if you like the rules being enforced by the game itself and having captured pieces disappear, I won't judge you. I like that too.

Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-06-13 UTC

Has anyone here heard of Tabletop Simulator? It's a sandbox-like game that's designed for playing tabletop games. It looks like it's closer to OTB play than most other board game video games, which is pretty neat.

Obviously, there are lots of chess variants on this site that people would love to play. There are quite a few chess variants in Steam Workshop already, the most notable being an original variant: Portal Chess.

If anybody wants to adapt chess variants from this site to Tabletop Simulator, they're more than welcome to. I'd love to see their efforts!

Diagram Designer images broken[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-06-12 UTC

Thanks for the fix!

Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-06-12 UTC
Everything that doesn't just show a single piece is broken. Like I said before, every one of Charles Gilman's setups using Diagram Designer is broken. His movement diagrams are broken, too.

Wyatt Van Dyke wrote on 2016-06-12 UTC

A lot of images created with Diagram Designer seem to be broken now. Most of them were setups for Charles Gilman's variants, which kind of makes me sad since I'm a big fan of his. Could anybody fix this?

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