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summersolstice wrote on Sun, Apr 7, 2013 02:33 PM UTC:Excellent ★★★★★
I've been working on a "time travel" chess game called "time portal chess"

the rules are incomplete atm and the game is untested but when I finish the rules I'm going to ask for volunteers to help test it out.

some of the main differences I've spotted between the two versions are

-the trigger for a piece to time travel is landing on a portal instead of
being next to a king

-when a piece arrives that doesn't count as a move (a player makes a move with anything other than the piece that arrived)

Future travel

-a piece has to arrive on the same sqaure it departed on, if it can't it becomes "lost in time"

-a player is allowed for a piece to be lost in time

-if a king is lost in time it's not checkmate but is very vularanable to checkmate 


-all pieces can travel back in time

-a player decides early on to bring a piece back in time by placing it on an empty square

-if it fails to arrive on portal (if the number of moves since it arrival excedes the largest numbered portal on the board) it's a "time paradox" the piece "disintegrates" (both copies are removed) 

-if the earlier piece is captured all 3 pieces (including the capturing piece) are removed because it's a paradox

check and checkmate are a lot more complicated in this game

for more info (like I say it's incomplete atm but I'm working on it) see

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