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George Duke wrote on Sat, May 8, 2010 03:50 PM UTC:
Tutti Frutti Falcon Utti was name Aronson proposed for Complete Permutation I scotched. I guess as the other comment today says this ABC could include old 1970s Betza's Tutti Frutti as one comparable form. Then on top of that ABC lets itself become a different Armies like Different Armies also of Betza and Fantasy Grand of Hatch, the latter happening to be #15 at Next Chess project as of now. CVs as chiefly artwork since their play is bound to remain minuscule are like a wishing well or like the new song 'If I Were a Boy' having the lines ''put myself first And make the rules as I go.'' Any song is possible of infinite variations as any poem and any CV. And as Different Armies, ABC alone becomes hundreds of different CVs fast. More repetition is inevitable in accepted fashion of making CVs. Maybe Cavebear knew Betza notation and nothing of Tutti Frutti. Sheer speculation but since T-F is 1977 and ABC 2001 before proliferation, when there were only couple hundred pages yet to look at, Cavebear was probably looking right at T-F and just does not acknowledge it anywhere. I am sure Ralph and Philip knew Tutti Frutti, which is in 'ECV', to be lousy game to play on the little board with pieces of so much power, but considered it adequate concept CV. All Cavebear's Armies 1 to 8 are of lesser piece-power than their R,N,B,RN,BN,RB,RNB. Cavebear's is potentially more useful for play than Betza's and Cohen's for that reason. The beauty of all these is the simple 7+1 from the combinations of compounds to just fit on 64 squares with the King.

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