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  • AISE

    The President of AISE, Alessandro Castelli, sent me the following description about AISE, Associazione Italiana Scacchi Eterodossi, (the Italian Association of Chess Variants). (Some minor editing done by me.) Also, if you are a big chess enthusiast you may want to look for Italian hotels or Tuscany villas and visit AISE.

    The AISE web site is no longer active. We do not know when or if it will be active again. June 23, 2004.

    See also:

    AISE: Associazione Italiana Scacchi Eterodossi

    AISE is an association devoted to chess variants and non chess games.

    AISE's Members are from: Italy, USA, Canada, UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Croatia, ...

    AISE organises every year the following correspondence tournaments:

    The AISE Bulletin is the Eteroscacco Magazine (ISSN 1121-6387). The first issue was published in 1980. Eteroscacco columns are: Chess Variants, Games from AISE tournaments, Theory and History of Chess Variants, Non Chess Games, Oriental Games, Book Reviews, ... The columns are in Italian, and sometimes in English.

    Contact for information:

    Alessandro Castelli
    via Potenza 11
    I-62010 Villa Potenza (MC)

    Last modified: June 23, 2004.

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    Created on: March 26, 2001. Last modified on: June 23, 2004.

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