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Contest: design a chess variant on 40 squares

In 1999/2000, a contest to design a chess variant on a board with 40 squares was held. On this webpage, you find the links to the submitted games, rules of the contest, the winners, etc.

The games

  1. Do or Die Chazz. By David Moeser.
  2. Holywar. By Fergus Duniho.
  3. Courtyard. By Bryan Lambert.
  4. Extended Half-chess. By Bryan Lambert.
  5. Pachessi. By Peter Aronson.
  6. Rollerball. By Jean-Louis Cazaux.
  7. Philosophers Chess. By Darren Izzard. 1st place!
  8. Oblique. By Tony Quintanilla.
  9. Amphora. By Peter Aronson.
  10. Black holes. By Juraj Lorinc.
  11. Smegi. By Fergus Duniho. 5th place.
  12. Diamond Chess. By Bruce Mills.
  13. Four File Chess. By Kris Barski.
  14. Traffic Jam. By Kris Barski.
  15. Faultline. By Patrick Riley.
  16. Magician Chess. By Jonathon Whittle. 3rd place!
  17. Mini Burmese Chess. By A. J. Winkelspecht.
  18. Convergent Chess. By A. J. Winkelspecht.
  19. Cuarenta. By J. Mark Thompson. 2nd place!
  20. Chromopolis. By Alexandre Owen Muniz. 4th place.
  21. Eric's 40-square Fiasco! By Eric Richardson.
  22. Hans 40 Gift Chess. By Köksal Karakus.


  1. Do or Die Chess. By David Moeser.
  2. Hourglass. By Bryan Lambert.
  3. Ladder Chess. By Sergey Sirotkin.
  4. Narrow Chess. By Peter Aronson.
  5. Toto40. By Peter Aronson.
  6. Just a funny board with 40 squares.

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