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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, BryanLambert.

Extended Half-Chess

I stumbled upon this while writing the HTML file for Courtyard. I suddenly realized that a certain setup on a 4x10 board would allow a two-square pawn move. Hence, I immediately started writing this game up.

This game was invented on July 28, 1999.


Improvise a way to create a four-by-ten board. (A checkered tablecloth, maybe?) ;-)

Board Setup

The board is an four-by-ten checkered board which looks like this:

King c1; Queen b1; Rooks a1, d1; Bishops b2, c2; Knights a2, d2; Pawns a3, b3, c3, d3.

King c10; Queen b10; Rooks a10, d10; Bishops b9, c9; Knights a9, d9; Pawns a8, b8, c8, d8.

The lower-right square is white this time around.


Pieces move exactly the same as orthodox chess. The two-step pawn move is allowable for any pawn, and en passent is allowed. However, castling is impossible (especially on the Kingside!).


This is the follow-up to my 5x8 variant called Courtyard.

If you would like to add any comments regarding strategy or even challenge me to a game, contact me by email. (Click the name `Bryan Lambert' below to get the most current email address; editor.)

Written by: Bryan Lambert. Editor comment added by Hans Bodlaender.
This game is an entry in the 40-Square Variant Contest.
WWW page created: July 28, 1999.