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This page is written by the game's inventor, Larry Smith.

Transporter Pads

A Variant of ST3D Chess by L. Lynn Smith

This game is a variant on Three dimensional chess as played on Startrek.

This a variant set of rules for the ST3D playing field in which empty Attack Platforms are initially placed on the Wa1, Na4, Nd1 and Bd4 points and are not moved throughout the game. The orientation of these Platforms, either up-right or inverted, is of no consequence to this game.

The Platforms at Wa1 and Nd1 are considered one matched pair, and the Platforms at Na4 and Bd4 are considered the other matched pair. These pairs are to represent "sending" and "receiving" transporter pads, each one of the pair being able to "send" or "receive" from its match.

The pieces consist of a standard set of chessmen.

All pieces begin the game off field. Each player starts the game by introducing their King to their particular Fixed Level. Then each may, in turn, either introduce a new piece to their particualr Fixed Level or move a piece on the field.

The following is their movement upon the Fixed Level, or to and from adjacent Attack Platforms:
PAWNs step without capture orthogonal or triagonal, step with capture diagonal.
KNIGHTs leap one orthogonal then one forward diagonal, or steps triagonal.
BISHOPs slide diagonal or step triagonal.
ROOKs slide orthogonal or step triagonal.
QUEEN slides orthogonal or diagonal, steps triagonal.
KING steps orthogonal or diagonal, steps triagonal.

All pieces change Fixed Levels only in the following method:

When a pieces steps on an Attack Platform, it is automatically "transported" to the exact cell of that Attack Platform's match. So, pieces will "transported" between the Wa1 Attack Platform and the Nd1 Attack Platform, or between the Na4 Attack Platform and the Bd4 Attack Platform. The destination cell of this "transport" should be vacant, but if it is occupied both the arriving piece and the occupying piece are removed from play. This is regardless of the owner of either piece. A piece can make a simple capture when landing on the Attack Platform from the Fixed Level, such will occur as it is sent to the matching Attack Platform.

The game is won by check-mating the opponent King.

Written by L. Lynn Smith.
Webpage created: October 30, 2003. Last modified: November 12, 2003.