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Reduced Endgame Chess


This variant is based on information from Robert Mate and Hans Bodlaender. I call it Reduced Endgame Chess because of its similarity to Endgame Chess (also referred to as The Pawn's Game) as described in Pritchard's Encyclodepia of Chess Variants. Endgame Chess is normal chess with all pieces, except the kings and pawns, removed. This variation, and the reduced version described below are useful for endgame practice and training.

Initial Setup

King d1; Pawns a2, b2, c2

King e8; Pawns f7, g7, h7


Rules are as in orthodox chess, excepting initial setup. White should be able to win if he plays carefully.

Written by David Howe, based on information from Hans Bodlaender and Robert Mate.
WWW page created: October 19, 1997.