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This page is written by the game's inventor, Vu Vo.

Dienbienphu Chess

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Dienbienphu Chess is an 'unequal armies' chess between orthodox chess (FIDE) and Quang Trung Chess (4th or current edition). Individually, orthodox chess pieces are much more powerful than the relatively blockable Quang Trung Chess pieces. However, Quang Trung Chess pieces are more unified and could neutralize the superior firepower of the opponent. And thus, the balance of forces of both sides is attained. The set up is as above--identical to orthodox chess and Quang Trung Chess.

On Quang Trung Chess side, everything is the same. However, on orthodox chess side, the rules have simplified:

  1. No castling,
  2. Pawn may not make the two-pace move.
  3. No en-passants.
  4. No promotions.
  5. When a Pawn reach the last row and within the four central columns, it automatically put the opponent's king in check. This part of the rule apply equally with the Quang Trung Chess Pawn.


Dienbienphu Chess is created together with the fourth edition of Quang Trung Chess. You can visit Vu Q. Vo's webpage on this game for more links, a Zillions-of-Games file for this game, etc.

Written by Vu Q. Vo. Webpage posted by Hans Bodlaender.
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