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Annan Shogi

Annan Shogi, also called Korean Shogi, is a variant of Shogi, Japanese Chess. Annan Shogi is a popular Shogi variant in Japan.

The game should not be confused with Korean Chess, a variant of chess that is played in Korea, but which resembles more Xiangqi, Chinese Chess, than Shogi.


The game is played as Shogi, except that, when a piece has a friendly piece on a square directly behind it, it has the movement capabilities of that piece instead of its own.


A variant is that pieces can move like any friendly piece that protects it.


Annan Chess is of course also a possible game to try out.
Written by Hans Bodlaender. Information based on The Encyclopedia of Chess Variants, by David Pritchard.
WWW page created: October 3, 1999.