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Kokusai Sannin Shogi


This three-player Shogi variant was invented by Tanigasaki Jisuke around 1930. It is played on a hexagonal board with 127 cells. 

The rules were written down by Maruo Manabu and translated into English by John Fairbairn. This variant was covered in a full article by Mr. Fairbairn in SHOGI Magazine, Issue No.35 of January 1982. 

This magazine was published by George Hodges, from whom a copy of these rules may be purchased. 

George Hodges is a supplier of Shogi rules, equipment and books. He also is a supplier of Shogi for Beginners, by John Fairbairn (2nd edition published by the Shogi Association), along with a full range of  Shogi sets. He is the only supplier of Shogi Variants in the world (Chu Shogi excepted).

George F. Hodges
P.O. Box 77
Bromley, Kent BR1 2WT
Tel. (44) 81 - 468 7050, Fax (44) 81 - 295 1550.

Mr. Hodges and Mr. Fairbairn have also collaborated on game descriptions of the following Shogi variants: Tori, Taikyoku, Tenjiku, Heian, and Heianda.

JPG images of the original Kokusai Sannin Shogi four-page article are linked below.

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