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This page is written by the game's inventor, David Zitzelsberger.

Triangle Chess

For Three People



This was invented when I had two roommates who expressed an interest in chess. Sadly, this variant was never played.

I tried to keep the pieces movement similar in description so there should be no shocks about how they move.

The Board

The board is made of triangles. It worked out that while figuring out the bishop's move to checker the board, there are four colors. I chose white, black (blue here), and red for the pieces since those were the colors I could find for purchase when it was invented. The fourth checker color is green for difference. The colors are really inconsequential.

Without further ado, here it is.


You will notice there are four Bishops to match the four checker colors, four Knights because of how weak they are, and nine pawns to cover a line. Otherwise the pieces are the same.

Rather then try to describe it further, here it is.

Items to note:



The King can move through any of the three sides or any of the three vertices.


A Queen can move through any of the three sides or any of the three vertices as far as desired. This makes the Queen a glorified Rook for most of the game.


A Bishop can move through any of the three vertices as far as desired (which is one space) This makes the Bishop a lot weaker than what most people will be used to.


A Knight can move through any of the three sides followed by the vertex in the same direction.


A Rook can move through any of the three sides as far as desired.


A Pawn can move through any either of the forward sides or capture through either of the forward vertices. Because of the geometry of the triangles, the pawns are a little more powerful, but they take longer to reach promotion.


Just like in orthodox chess (Pawn movement, check, checkmate, castling) except for the triangle movement.

The "flat" side opposite of your "point", or anywhere between and including where the opposing Kings begin, grants promotion for a Pawn.