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This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniil Frolov.

Xiang-qi moving palace and river

As normal Xiang-qi, but now palace and river can move (there are walking buildings in western chess to, aren't them?). You can also play game with only moving palace or only moving river.


Instead moving piece, player may move his palace or river.
Palace may be moved 1 square orthogonally or diagonally. When palae moves, all it's 9 squares are moved 1 step in one direction, general and both advisor also moves 1 step in same direction (but other pieces in palace don't move in this turn!). General and advisors may capture up to 3 pieces in this move. Palace may not be moved out of board even partially and may not occupy squares, already occupied by opponent's palace. General may not share rank or file with other general without an intervening piece.
River may be moved 1 step towards either player by either player. It's not allowed to move river to place your opponent just moved it from (ko rule). River may not cross squares, occupied by elephants.


Korean variant:
As there is no river in Korean chess, it can be played only with moving palace. All rules are same as in Chinese variant, but now general can check other general as western bishop, if on palace diagonal lines (that is, in center or corner of palace).

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By Daniil Frolov.
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