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This page is written by the game's inventor, Kenneth Fourcell.

Tower Siege: 3D Chess Game

Tower Siege is a theme based 3D chess variant which uses plastic green army men in place of standard chess pieces and used a custom made rule set; "the basic rules of three dimensional multi level chess", a rule set I designed myself.


Armed terrorist have taken control of a downtown city office tower, they've taken hostages and have made demands. They threaten to destroy the tower, themselves and the innocent victims within if their demands are not met with promptly.

Alerted to the situation a special team of anti-terrorist commandos are preparing to mobilize to the scene when the unthinkable happens. The terrorist, using shoulder mounted heat seeking missile, have shot down News, civilian, and police helicopter; and threaten to destroy anything else that approaches too close to the tower.

The commandos, realizing they will not be able approach the building by their original plan; of inserting onto the roof of the tower via helicopter. The commandos decide to embark upon a dangerous and daring plan.

They decided to execute a HAI; which stands for a (High Altitude Insertion) onto the roof of the office tower This involves skydiving from a high altitude transport and landing onto the roof of the office tower.

With time quickly running out, the brave commandos quickly mobilize. They successfully and stealthily lands onto the roof of the office tower.

The commandos quickly secure the top two floors and quietly make their way, floor by floor, through the tower.

While the commandos were making their way towards the terrorist, the terrorist are working their way up towards the commandos. The two groups’ eventually meet at the center of the tower.

A major gun battle is waged. But the terrorist are no matched for the seasoned commandos. The terrorists, their leader and the weapon of mass destruction are secured.

The hostages are freed, unharmed.


The Tower Siege: 3D chess Game's setup is unique from other 3D chess games in that the pieces sets up on four separate levels.


Whites' major pieces sets up on the first row of the first level,


and white's pawns sets up on the first row of the second level


blacks' pawns sets up on the eighth row of the seventh (7) level.


with blacks' major pieces setting up on the eigth row of the eighth (8) level



The King can move one square in any direction.


The Queen can move one to seven squares vertically, horizontally, forwards, backwards, up or down.


The Bishop can move diagonally one to seven squares; forwards, backwards, up, or down. Note, there are two different Bishop, one on the white square and one on the black square; these Bishops must remain on the same color squares and not exchange or change color.


The Knight is a very complex piece; the knight is the only game piece that has the option to move in two separate directions in a single move. The knight has the option of moving first one square forwards, backwards, left or right, up or down; and then, making a sharp right angle turn, move two squares, forwards or backward, left or right, up or down. Moreover the knight has the option to move first two squares and then one square. The knight captures the square and any enemy piece that occupies it.


The Rook can move one to seven squares horizontally, vertically, forwards, backwards, left, right, up or down. The Rook captures any opponent's' pieces occupying the square.


Pawns move one square/ level forward per turn.

Note: Pawn capture diagonally forwards, after which the pawn continues to move forwards. Pawns cannot move backwards.


Tower Siege uses the basic rules of chess. As in tow dimensional chess, white moves first, and then Black, with each side taking turns moving one pieces in one direction.


Pawn promotion occurs on two separate levels, to be promoted the white Pawns must reach the eight row of the eight level (8), and the black pawns must reach the first row of the first level (1).


When the King is under attack (being threatened) and can be capture on the very next move, the King is said to be in check.


In the Tower Siege: 3D chess game if the King and an opponent's Queen; whether or not the Queen is in direct line of attack, occupies the same level, the King is said to be in check and the King must get out of check. The King has three options:

1) Move the to a level not occupied by a Queen.

2) Capture the Queen.

3) Or block the Queen.

If King cannot make a legal move and or get out of check, then the King is Mated and the game is over.



The white Queen to mate black.


the black King is trapped between levels three and levels five.



The Tower Siege: 3D chess game was design to be played on the Tower: 3D chess set, to view the Tower: 3D Chess set visit my facebook page

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By Kenneth Fourcell.
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