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This page is written by the game's inventor, Alexander Mach.

Tank Chess

In this variant, you start with one piece that you may upgrade to make it stronger(pawn-knight-bishop-rook-queen) and capture the other tanks. One move consists of either upgrading one tank, creating a new level 1 tank(pawn) or moving any one tank. 


One pawn at every kings' pwan position


Pieces move like in usual chess. A Player has lost once all of his pieces are captured. Pawns may promote after moving to the last rank. A move consists of either moving any one of your pieces, upgrading one of them(pawn->knight->bishop->rook->queen), or  creating a new pawn at your starting position(only possible if not occupied by a piece). Players may also decide to, instead of moving, destroy any one of their own pieces, in turn creating an explosion Killing every unit within one square distance. Last player to be in possession of active pieces wins. 

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