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This page is written by the game's inventor, J Paleja.

Left-Right Chess

This 11x11 form of chess includes Lefts, Rights, Unicorns, and Flags.


files=11 ranks=11 rimColor=#804646 lightShade=#ffffcc darkShade=#5d7e7e coordColor=#ffffcc borders=0 firstRank=1 promoChoice=QNRB graphicsDir=../membergraphics/MSleft-right-chess/ squareSize=54 whitePrefix=w blackPrefix=b graphicsType=gif symmetry=none pawn::::a2,b2,c2,e2,f2,g2,i2,j2,k2,d3,h3,,d9,h9,a10,b10,c10,e10,f10,g10,i10,j10,k10 knight:N:::b1,j1,,b11,j11 left::WlR:rook90ccw:d1,,h11 right:RT:WrR:rook90cw:h1,,d11 unicorn::KN:unicorn:f1,,f11 bishop::::c1,i1,,c11,i11 rook::::a1,k1,,a11,k11 flag::BWlR:banner:d2,h2,,d10,h10 queen::::e1,,e11 king::K::g1,,g11


In Left-Right Chess there are 7 piece types. Pawns, Bishops, Rooks and Kings are used, as in chess, and there are 3 other piece types:

Moves of unicorn:

Moves of left:

Moves of right:

Moves of flag:


Pawns can promote to any piece type in the setup, except for a king. They can initially advance 2 or 3 steps, rather than just 1 step, if unobstructed. Capturing en passant, is allowed, even if the pawn took a triple step. The capturing pawn would land on the square that is diagonally in front of it on the same file as the enemy pawn that just moved. Here's a link to Omega Chess, which has very similar rules governing legal pawn moves; note the examples of en passant captures: Omega Chess

There is no castling in Left-Right Chess.

Stalemate is a draw, as in chess.


Game Courier preset: Left-Right Chess

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