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The Chess Variant Pages


Attention: this page was submitted by an unknown author.


This is a chess variant I have been wanting to try.
This has a few more pieces and a bigger board.


12x12 board



12 Pawns (p) 
2 Rooks (R) 
2 Knights (K) 
2 Bishops (B) 
2 Cardinal (C) 
2 Assassins (A) 
1 Queen (Q) 
1 King (K) 
6 Walls (w) 
6 Catapults (c)


No enpassant
No Castling
Pawns as for standard chess except cannot take walls
Rooks as per standard chess except cannot take walls
Knights as per standard chess except cannot take walls
Bishops as per standard chess except cannot take walls
Queen as per standard chess but cannot take walls
King as per standard chess but cannot take walls
Cardinal as a knight moves 2>1 a cardinal moves 3>2
Assassin moves as a king except when next to a wall when it can jump over a wall and can capture what is on the other side. Can capture anything except for a wall.
Catapult moves like a king. Is the only piece thet can take a wall.
Wall moves like a king, cannot be taken by anything except a catapult and cannot capture anything. Only Knights Cardinals and Assassins can get around it. Everything else is blocked
Everything else extrapolated from standard chess.

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Author: Ben M Reiniger.
Web page created: 2012-06-27. Web page last updated: 2012-07-02