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This page is written by the game's inventor, (zzo38) A. Black.


This game is supposed to be as different from chess as possible while still being the same as chess. (This game is a one-dimensional game!)





Main: Take turns saying "Ouch!" then moving a piece you own. If it steps on an opponent piece then the opponent piece you stepped on is captured and is permanently off the board. If you say "I don't like sushi!" on your turn then you lose the game automatically. If your Rex is captured, and you can show every single move you could have made, that opponent could still capture your Rex, but if you made no move at all, then your opponent could not capture your Rex, then the game is tied instead.

Seeing Red: Also, you can make a special move called "Seeing Red". When you do this, say "I am seeing red" instead of "Ouch". To use this move, move your Rex two steps on one direction toward one of your Mooks (it must move through an empty square, and there must be a clear path toward that mook), put a Water where the Rex moved from, put a AnalogComputer in the space the Rex moved through, destroy the Mook it moved toward, and change your other Mook into a Computer (if you still have another Mook).

Deck of cards: Instead of a board, you can use deck of cards. The deck of cards is placed on the table in the order given in setup (first piece, which is an uppercase Mook, is on the bottom of the deck, and a Fire is at the top). To move a piece, replace that card with a blank card and replace the card in the position you are moving to with the card you have just removed from the original position.


Note: If anything makes this game not the same as Chess, please comment on it so that I can correct it!

I think it might be interesting to program this in Zillions and see how different its strategy becomes when playing this game instead of Chess.

It might also be interesting to try to apply rules of other variants to this game instead of to chess, and see if those cause it to be different than chess. As an example, try applying Kamikaze Chess rules to this game. I see one difference already. Now you try to see if you know what that difference is! Also to see what happens when applying Mutators to this game and see which are same as applying it to chess and which are different.

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By (zzo38) A. Black.
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