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This page is written by the game's inventor, Claudio Martins Jaguaribe.

Armamentist Race Chess

This variant in a large board was made to give pawns a little more importance and strenght.

My most important influence were the wildeurasian qi, by C. Gilman, and pic up the team chess, by H. Bodlaender.

I would like J. Good dor the "brain food" and incentive.


The board have the following set up.

9 ----------
8 ----------
7 ----------
6 ----------
5 ----------
4 ----------
3 ----------
2 pppppppppp

There is no a1, a12, j1 and j12 cells.

All pieces, except pawns, move as in fide chess.

Tha pawns moves as usual, but up two squares, in the first move it can move up three squares.

Besides the initial pieces there is a group of single pieces, one for both players, i.e., if white get the piece there is no black counterpart in the board. These pieces can be chosen by mutual agreement. Here is a sample: Aanca, Antelope, Camel, Dragon Horse, Dragon King, Giraffe, Goldrider, Griffon, Leo, Pao, Silverrider, Vao, and Zebra.

The rules for castling is the same of FIDE.

Pawns promote on the 12th or 1st row. The pawns promote to any lost piece or single piece. If any side lost a single piece the othe next pawn to promote can promote to that piece, even if it belonged to the other side. The rule is that piece is one of a kind in the board.

En passant capture can ahppnen when a pawn reaches the 5th (or 8th) row and foward.

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By Claudio Martins Jaguaribe.
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