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This page is written by the game's inventor, Argon Teuhai.


Alterga is what resulted out of my idea to make a chess variant where all the pieces move different from how they capture.


Pieces look the same, and the starting position is the same. The only thing that changes is the way they move.

Rook: Moves orthogonally one square in any direction, as well as diagonally forwards one. Captures like a traditional rook, or one square diagonally forwards. Essentially, it moves like a Gold General and attacks like a Rook + Forwards Ferz compound.

Knight: Moves like a Knight, attacks like a Bishop.

Bishop: Moves diagonally one square out, or orthogonally forward. Captures diagonally in any distance, or orthogonally one forwards. As such, this piece is not colorbound. Essentially, it moves like a Silver General and attacks like a Bishop + Point compound.

Queen: This piece moves like a traditional chess Queen, but attacks like an Archbishop (bishop + knight compound). I suspect that this is stronger compared to a traditional Queen in an endgame with few pieces, owing largely to this pieces ability to checkmate all by itself.

King: This piece moves like a King, but attacks like a compound between a Ferz and a traditional chess Knight.

This game's army is probably weaker compared to the standard chess army.


All other rules (castling, en passant, etc) are the same other than the ones mentioned above.

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By Argon Teuhai.

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