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Prime Ministers Random Chess

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

Prime Ministers Random Chess is a new 9x8 variant inspired by Gabriel Vicente Maura's 1968 Modern Chess (9 columns, symmetric castling to either side, an extra pawn, the Prime Minister [B+N]) with some random concepts & the castling rule from Fischer Random Chess (FRC).

There are 8,400 possible starting positions!


The Orthodox Chess pieces plus an Archbishop (Bishop + Knight) and 9 pawns.


Random setup of the pieces, with the restriction that Bishops start on opposite colors, and the King be placed somewhere between the Rooks to allow for the modified castling rule.


Orthodox Chess rules apply, including en passant, with the changes below.

  • Symmetric Castling to either side. In the 9x8 setup castling is short (O-O) on both sides of the board:

    • O-Ob is Kb1 & Rc1 [Kb8 & Rc8 for black]
    • O-Oh is Kh1 & Rg1 [Kh8 & Rg8 for black]

    Prime Ministers Random Chess preset

    Prime Ministers Random Chess preset (Magnetic pieces)


    This variation was invented by José Manuel Carrillo-Muñiz, from Puerto Rico, in May 2008.

    Game Courier Logs

    Game Courier Logs for Games of Prime Ministers Random Chess

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    By Jose Carrillo.
    Web page created: 2008-05-28. Web page last updated: 2008-05-28