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Birds and Ninjas

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

The game is identical to orthodox chess except for extended en-passant rules, flexible castling and the new pieces.

Click here to play the main variation.

The two extra Ninja Pawns in the presets disappear when started.
Drop a ninja pawn with ~P-e2
Drop /move forward pawn with ~P-e2; e2-e5

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Ninja Pawn
Flying Bomber
Ninja Guard

Flying Bomber

The flying bomber moves exactly like a rook when not capturing, and captures by flying over (or overtaking) a piece and landing immediately on the empty square after it on the same orthogonal line. There must be an empty square after the piece. If there is another piece right after, then it cannot capture.

This is a special maneuver that enables the bird to fly over the adjacent square, (jumping over, if occupied by friendly piece or eliminating if occupied by enemy piece) and land like a helicopter on a square exactly 2 squares away, capturing if possible on this square. Thus, it can capture two pieces in this manner.

see game description for more info

Ninja Guard

The Ninja Guard is a color bound piece that can move one or two steps diagonally. It can leap over a diagonally adjacent friendly piece to land exactly 2 squares away (a two-space diagonal leap). It can capture on any square it lands, and additionally it can can capture an enemy piece that is diagonally adjacent by jumping over it. It can capture two pieces (the first immediately adjacent to it, and the next right after) in its path on a diagonal by jumping over the first one and capturing the second piece on the square it lands.

Play the old board position #1.

Click here to play using board position #2
This board position is ideal for the Birds and Leaping Ninjas subvariation in which the Ninja Guards can also move like Camels!

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