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This page is written by the game's inventor, Matt Seabury.


A Three-Player Chess Variant by Matt Seabury

About 10 years ago Matt Seabury developed a 3-player version of chess (actually dreamed the idea). He called it Treyshah. Trey for three and shah for King (shah being the word where our "check" as in "checkmate" comes from). He ended up producing and selling about 200 boards. It came in a tournament as well as a deluxe version. Treyshah was even featured in the "What's New" section in Popular Science!

Here is a scan of the rules booklet for Treyshah that Mr. Seabury was kind enough to send us. Note that he now has the patent (it is no longer pending), and that the P.O. Box is no longer valid.

Rules by Matt Seabury, webpage by Peter Aronson, Graphics conversion by David Howe.
WWW page created: September 15th, 2002.