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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Sergey Sirotkin.

King's progressive chess

King's progressive chess is a chess variant, invented by Sergej Sirotkin.

In this variant, players can make in a turn one, two, three, ... or eight moves. The number of moves a player can make depends on the line where his king is: when the king is on the first row (seen from the side of the player), then the player may make one move. When it is on the second row, the player may make two moves in one turn, etc.

For example, when white starts his move with his king on a5, then white may make five moves in this turn. When black starts his move on b2, then black may make seven moves in that turn.

You can play this game in Scottish style (i.e., a turn ends when you give check) or in Italian style (it is illegal to give check except at the last move of a sequence). Scottish is recommended here. Note that the number of moves is determined by the row the king is on at the start of a turn.

Written by Hans Bodlaender and Sergej Sirotkin.
WWW page created: January 25, 2001.