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This page is written by the game's inventor, RayEdwardBornert.

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3-Dimensional Eight Level Chess:

Ray Edward Bornert II writes:

What would chess look like if it had been invented in 3-dimensions and then translated into 2-dimensions?

The game of Three-Dimensional Eight-Level Chess hereafter referred to, as 3D-8L is simply Chess in three dimensions instead of two dimensions.

The 3D-8L board is 8x8x8 with a total of 512 points of which 256 are white and 256 are black. In addition to white and black, there are four colors: red, green, blue and yellow that are used 128 times each so that the playing board is further divided into fourths.

There are 256 playing pieces of which 128 are white and 128 are black, and there are exactly 13 different types of pieces as far as shape and movement are concerned.

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