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Courier 'de la Dama'


Furious Courier

by Nuno Cruz


Courier 'de la Dama' is a minor revision of the historic game of Courier Chess, adding a modern Queen and revised moves for the Pawns and Bishops. The intent of these changes is to preserve some of the original game's flavor while allowing more dynamic play.

Furious Courier is Courier 'de la Dama' taken one step further, with the Bishops being replaced by Crooked Bishops and Fool being replaced by another Sage.

Courier 'de la Dama'

The Board and Pieces

The game is played on a checkered board with twelve rows and eight columns.

Each player has twenty-four pieces: twelve Pawns, a King, a Sage, a Queen, a Fool, two Couriers, two Bishops, two Knights and two Rooks.

Opening setup

The opening setup is as follows: