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XYMYX. Players make their moves at the same time. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2009-01-15 UTCGood ★★★★
John rates poor but we rather liked XYMYX five years ago. ''El XYMYX me parece uno de los juegos de estrategia mas interesantes que he tenido la oportunidad de jugar, es divertido y la vez educacional, la opcion de mover las fichas a la vez le da un nivel de dificultad y atractivo bastante grande.'' Sounds familiar.

John Smith wrote on 2009-01-05 UTCPoor ★
This game seems horribly unnatural in some of its rules, with needless amounts of testimonial in the comments.

Fernando wrote on 2006-11-17 UTC
Seems like Xymyx can now be played online ...

Fiona descalsi wrote on 2005-07-12 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
I've played Xymyx, and I really beleive this is a true evolution from traditional chess. your proposal allows having a new and dinamic play. I suggest every chess players to try it.

guffenix wrote on 2005-07-11 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Hola, Soy un fanático de los 'juegos' electrónicos, de contacto y por sobre todo de los de mesa entre ellos go, ajedrez, pero el que más me ha cautivado es el 'XYMYX' por su inovación, es algo parecido aun juego de azar lo cual es muy propenso a generar 'adicción', y a la vez un juego de extremo cálculo; yo sin ser un gran comentarista lo llegaría ha catalogar como ¡el juego de la vida! por que en el tablero se desata una 'lucha sin tregua' en la que ambos bandos deseosos de ganar la contienda fabrican su mejor plan, estrategia o táctica para poder vencer a su rival, pero siempre es mejor practicarlo que tener que hablar sobre él. ¡¡¡Por eso solo hazlo!!!

Byron wrote on 2005-06-29 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
El XYMYX me parece uno de los juegos de estrategia más interesantes que he
tenido la oportunidad de jugar, es divertido y la vez educacional, la
opción de mover las fichas a la vez le da un nivel de dificultad y
atractivo bastante grande.

Felicitaciones a los creadores de tan interesante Juego.

Att: Byron

💡Javier Lizarzaburu wrote on 2005-06-28 UTC
XYMYX is a computer aided game, in it's essence is a commercial variant
of chess. The game is available for a testing period at
The simultaneous check mate is an importat rule of XYMYX, because it
awards the player of fastest thinking (it is a consequence of the rule
'two pieces in the same empty square')

Bruce Leban wrote on 2005-04-19 UTC
The rules about resolving the problem with two pieces in the same square
dual checkmates by who 'records the move first.' means you can't play
mail or the equivalent. It also means that in non-computer mediated games
you can have disputes as to who recorded first. Why have a move order
dependency in a simultaneous-play game?

It would seem more logical to treat simultaneous mate as a draw and to
resolve two identical pieces colliding as a mutual capture.

Javier Lizarzaburu wrote on 2005-03-22 UTC
Graham. <p>Thank you for your comments. <br>In a couple of weeks we will make an exhibition game of XYMYX. It would be a great pleasure if you and all of the interested people in XYMYX join us to learn the dynamics of the game. <p>The website is already open to the public, but not promoted. That is why you didn't find anyone playing. The version that you find right now in our Web site is only a BETA version. In a couple of weeks we will start with an improved version of the game. <p>I will check VEN chess in the next days. <p>Regards <p>Javier

Graham Smith wrote on 2005-03-17 UTC

Interesting concept, how is the web site coming along - have you got many
players signed up.

Its good to see the concept of synchronicity coming more to the fore. 

Good luck with the game.

Have a look at VEN Chess, on this site, for an alternative view on
simultaneous movement.


💡Javier Lizarzaburu wrote on 2005-01-26 UTC
Roberto, En general no se necesita más de 30 segundos para entrar al Web de
Estoy tratando de imaginar porque tienes porblemas ingresando.
Cuentame cuales son las características de tu maquina y conexión.

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2005-01-26 UTC
Syncronous Chess seems to be more an unfinished idea that a game, there are some imprecisions in the concept, and the rules are not clearly well stablished.

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2005-01-26 UTC
Javier, I don´t know how I can´t enter completely in the site of XYMYX, I have not time to wait an hour or more until the entire page is charged. it can be a problem with my computer and the memory it has, but if there is some particular reason you know, tell me about.

💡Javier Lizarzaburu wrote on 2005-01-25 UTC
Fabrice, I am quite curious about what you say. I started to investigate
and I couldn’t find any real proof of the existence of synchronous chess
before July 2002.
As a matter of fact, there’s someone else who claims to be the inventor of
synchronous chess. (
I don’t want to start a controversy about it. I opened an email account
where you or anyone can send information that can proof the date of
invention of the mentioned game: [email protected]

I would like to explain the a couple of things about XYMYX:

1)	There are no issues regarding simultaneity and the case when two pieces
land in the same empty square.
2)	About the feature of capturing your own pieces, I would like to explain
that capturing a piece in a simultaneous move is really hard. For Example,
let’s suppose that the black queen is in c6, you move white rook to C6 to
try to capture the queen but the queen isn’t there anymore. With the
possibility to capture your own pieces you can prepare yourself against an
eventual attack of an aggressive piece.
3)	About the Frozen Queen: With the simultaneity feature the aggressive
pieces become more powerful, specially the Queen. If that rule didn’t
exist, the game would be about who captures the opponent’s queen first.

Fabrice Liardet wrote on 2005-01-20 UTC
Actually there is some justice : the ECV says that Vitaliy Korolev, the inventor of Synchronous Chess, 'received a winner's diploma in the Games of Peace convention' :-)

Fabrice Liardet wrote on 2005-01-19 UTC
Javier, this is certainly an excellent invention of yours, but bad luck,
Synchronous Chess is almost the same game and was there before, it exists
since 1991, as attested by the Encyclopedia of Chess Variants.

>I reserve to myself the right to investigate and start any legal action
against the people behind Synchronous Chess. 

Even if Synchronous Chess is not under licence, I don't think this would
be appropriate :-) It's the author of that (really good) game who should
have won a Lepine price.

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2005-01-19 UTC
I can´t access the XYMYX page, probably due to some technical problems in my computer and/or Internet conection service, heavy contents seem to be blocked or very slow to download. If I can´t find a solution, we must accord other day and hour to play a game test. Sorry, Javier, excuse me, but I don´t know what happens. Roberto

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2005-01-18 UTC
Javier: A dónde te escribo?. Te envié un mail y me fue devuelto. Si puedes, podemos jugar XYMYX mañana Martes; dime la hora, preferiblemente en la noche.

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2005-01-15 UTCGood ★★★★
Well, I`m not going to add news to the controversy about the first. This game, and Syncronous Chess are both very interesting and somewhat strange in its fundamental essence, i.e. syncrony, but some rules need to be precisely clarified. In XYMYX, castling and Pawn captures can show some bizarre situations in which it is not clear the correct move. Promotions and Checking the King too. It should be good an exhaustive explanation on the exact rules that applies in such rare cases.

Javier Lizarzaburu wrote on 2005-01-13 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
XYMXY was introduced in international Toy Fair “Univers des Enfants” (Paris 2.003). As a matter of fact, XYMYX won a LEPINE PRICE (silver medal) in that Fair. <p>I suggest you to learn about XYMYX. <p>To play XYMYX you must use XYMYX software (available in Internet) or XYMYX hardware (available in a couple of months) <p>I have read about Synchronous Chess, and I find some similarities in the essence of the game, and the rules are forced to fit into the Synchronous Chess scheme. I reserve to myself the right to investigate and start any legal action against the people behind Synchronous Chess.

David Paulowich wrote on 2005-01-09 UTC
In September 2004 a link was posted to Synchronous Chess: <p> <p>In that variant two pieces moving to the same square will both be destroyed.

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2005-01-09 UTC
What happens if one player tries a castling move, but the other player
moves a piece to a position in which the castle movement is not permissed
because the King pass through check?.
The idea of annotate the move in person to person physical games is good,
to avoid the danger of broken pieces or fractured fingers when two anxious
players try to put their pieces in the same square as simultaleously as

Charles Gilman wrote on 2005-01-09 UTC
What happens when a Pawn tries to capture but the threatened piece moves away simnultaneously? Does te Pawn make what would normally be an illegal capturing move, does it have to move orthogonally forward instead (and if so what happens if that cell is occupied), or does it have to stay still?

Mark Thompson wrote on 2005-01-09 UTC
If I wanted to play a game over-the-board, I think I would create a system in which each player would write down his move and they would reveal them simultaneously. If they finish so close together that it's not obvious which finished first they could flip a coin.

Roberto Lavieri wrote on 2005-01-09 UTC
This is a very strange game. I have not played it yet, but I don´t know how can both players agree about the exact moment the simultaneous move is going to be made. I suppose this is a game which must be played using a computer, if you try to play it physically, conflicts may arise all the time between players, so a referee must be needed. In many games a lot of pieces can fall down the board in some moves, or the board and pieces can fall down the table. Timed games make not sense if the total time is, by definition, equal for both players. I have to play an experimental game to see, but I think I´ll use a computer as interface.

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